Rewarding You with Beans

Rewards - because you are worth every bean

Thanks for visiting - we're so grateful you're here! We'd love you to get familiar and leave your mark.

We value your time here, your views, your enthusiasm. So we're finding lots of little ways to say 'thanks'. And that's just the beginning...


BEANS - Beans??

Yup, you got it. We're finding lots of little ways to reward you for being around here. And we're going to do it by handing out Beans. Because we think that Beans are cooler, tastier and way more fun that boring old 'points'. Plus we'll always be coming up with cool ways to 'earn' them.

Your awarded Beans can be used to create coupons that you can buy real stuff with in our store, but the best part is that you won't always have to spend money to be awarded with Beans. Hmm, let's see what we've got for a start...


We want to reward you. Here's how you can EARN Beans to spend:

  • Create an account: earn 20 beans
  • Review a product: earn 5 beans
  • Comment on a blog post: earn 5 beans (coming soon!)
  • Make an order: earn bean for every dollar spent in store (before shipping)
  • Refer a friend: earn 20 beans


SPEND Beans on whatever you choose:

  • Use your Beans to create discount coupons to use at checkout


FIND My Beans:

Make sure you are logged in - otherwise we won't be able to reward you for your actions and purchases!

When you are logged in, you'll find your Beans balance and history under My Account/My Beans. This is also where you go to turn your beans into discount coupons to spend in store.

My Beans

Login to view your balance.

Rewarding you with Beans Terms & Conditions: Beans are awarded according to actions or purchases on Destination Gourmet. Beans never expire. Beans can be exchanged for coupons to spend at Destination Gourmet. Coupons created with Beans are valid for 90 days from date of issue. Beans are not redeemable for cash or any other medium. Users must have a Destination Gourmet account and be logged into be awarded Beans. Beans awarded for comments or reviews will be awarded once per blog post or item. Beans will be deducted if comments are marked as SPAM. Beans earned for purchases will be awarded once the purchase has been marked as 'paid' or 'completed'. NOTE: Honesty and integrity are very important to us. Product reviews will be monitored for authenticity. Beans will not be awarded for non-authentic reviews. Thank you for your participation!