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YIAH Dip Mixes

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YIAH Unique Balsamic Vinegars

rad rice risotto

rad rice risotto

epic balsamic vinegars

YIAH Dukkahs

go nuts for sprinkles

go nuts for sprinkles

go nuts for sprinkles


Rise up against mealtime drudgery, get used to fullness of flavour that’s out of this world, and make quick easy healthy meals the norm

It's all about TASTE

Many complex steps go into preparing amazing tasting food. But for you; it’s simple. Premium ingredients, sourced and prepared from around the world are perfectly curated and freshly blended - bringing you inspiring flavours by the spoonful.

Open the jar and you see it, smell it – hearty chunks and powdered deliciousness all mixed up to create the fullest aromatic sensation.


Cinco Pepper Enchilada Dip Mix
Tomato & Herb Soup

SO handy

One jar. One spoon. Season to taste. Mmmm! Simply add to dishes as they’re cooking, mix up a quick dip, rub into meat, sprinkle over salads… you get the picture!

No more packets of spices that rarely get used (losing their flavour as they age). No more measuring out part spoonful’s or running out of one essential. With up to 40 ingredients in one blend – you’ll never be bored, and never get better taste so fast.

It's time to be THANKFUL - naturally

Designed with the home cook or host(ess) in mind – you can’t say thanks any better than with the best of nature’s taste. Each gorgeous, all-natural gift pack is LIMITED EDITION – crafted with uniqueness and individuality – just like their grateful receiver.

Little packages of delightful taste are carefully put together with stunning accessories to create the truly perfect gift. Yours will be the hit – every time.

Natural Gift Pack
No Nasties Fried Veges


That's right - NO nasties! Nothing here uses ingredients that contain gluten, MSG, additives, fillers or preservatives (aha, no dulling of the tastebuds!). No ingredients are genetically modified, irradiated or ETO fumigated. Sugar or salt is not added unless it is integral to the finished product flavour. Finally you can season to taste without ruining the final flavour!

Good for YOU

Did you know that even dried herbs and spices contain a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and other goodies our modern bodies are so often starved of? The goodness of guilt-free flavour from nature's gift of herbs and spices. Our delightful blends are a welcome addition to almost any diet regime or healthy eating plan. So easy to add a spoonful each time you eat - pack more goodness into your day!

Good For You One Pot Meal

EASY gourmet

Call yourself "Master Chef" or "Disaster Chef', the hard work is already done. With complex, globally inspired, yet easy to use blends at your fingertips - even the most hesitant cook grows confidence to branch out and try. 

Easy Gourmet Salad

One jar. Many quality ingredients, all prepped up and ready to go. Quick easy healthy meals - the gourmet way!

Spice market example of choice

Luxury of CHOICE

Every blend is inspired by global traditions the world over. So where will we go tonight? Be it Asian, Indian, Italian or Tex-Mex. Take me to Australia, Europe or Africa. Or grab something simple and stay at home?

This super-impressive range brings favourites to every kitchen. From simple blends of onion & chives to sophisticated curries or a smokey bbq. Balsamic vinegars to WOW, extra virgin olive oils, chocolate powder and a world first: sweet dukkahs. Don't wait any longer, come, come and see for yourself...

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

George Bernard Shaw

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